UBRI Connect Virtual – Day 3, Part 3

UBRI Connect Virtual is a multi-day conference around global time-zones that will showcase blockchain initiatives and accelerate academia’s collaborative involvement in the ecosystem. The event will feature talks from Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, CTO David Schwartz and industry wallet and exchange partners, in addition to US Representatives.The conference agenda will explore major themes like the Internet of Value (IOV), governance, real-world applications, blockchain for good and academic research on security and interoperability. Deep-dive sessions will highlight engineering, business and legal/regulatory advancements.For the 2nd year, we are bringing together academia and enterprise, to provide an outlet to source new innovation and expand on current implementations.The post UBRI Connect Virtual – Day 3, Part 3 appeared first on BLOCKPATHS.


MakerDAO Community Call October 13th, 2020: Community Development Demo Day

Special Guests:Community Development Demo Day!15 mins Portal ( Rejon and Tim Black)
10 mins Badges ( scottrepreneur )
10 mins CDIPs ( Tim Black )
10 mins Community Marketing/Messaging ( mkrtomalpha )Maker is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) that manages the Maker Protocol on the Ethereum blockchain.This video is a weekly community call that covers all Technical Milestones, Online Events, Partnerships, New Hires, Highlights from the Community, Real-Life Events, and more. Every now and then we even have a guest.Maker Relay Ep 16 you’re curious to learn more about MakerDAO explore some of the resources below:Awesome-MakerDAO Resource Repository:
Technical Documentation:
Community Portal:
Governance Forum:

Huobi Insider: Keynote Highlights

 Why Crypto adoption is thriving these days?
Watch the next Huobi Insider to find out!The post Huobi Insider: Keynote Highlights appeared first on BLOCKPATHS.


Strategic Agreement Inked Between BitBerry and OKEx “Expanding their Crypto Footprints Globally”

South Korea, Seoul, 12 October 2020 — BitBerry and OKEx have signed a strategic agreement together to expand their crypto footprints globally. In the agreement, BitBerry who is based in South Korea will help OKEx to gain a stronger foothold in the local market while OKEx who is a global cryptocurrency exchange will help BitBerry to reach out to more users globally.“We will be OKEx’s eyes and ears in the South Korea market. We want to do our best for OKEx and help them gain more Korean users on their exchange via our wallet. This will also help us gain more attention in the global environment. Our wallet is a mature product and we have been working on it since 2017. We will secure your assets with the highest level of security.” CEO Jae Bum Yoo highlighted in his speech.Most recently, OKEx CEO Jay Hao, announced that OKEx has become the first exchange to offer a full suite of trading products for Uniswap. BitBerry is also working on providing a more secure environment for the DEX and D…

Combining Blockchain Technology and Sustainable Energy

I love chatting with projects that are looking for ways to use blockchain technology to help solve real world problems. I sat down with the Daryl Taylor and Russ Lema the Co-Founders of Invizion about how they are using blockchain technology to help bring a greener, cleaner future.We talk about the main environmental problems are are facing as a society and how blockchain technology can help improve efficiency in the tracing of waste and improving the production of green products.We also chat about the importance of recycling and how they will also be utilizing their ERC-20 token to help encourage users to recycle.We discuss WHY using blockchain technology will be an advantage for the energy industry and how it’s different from current systems.We also dive into what it was like to present to the UN and how that went.I hope you enjoyed our chat together, and as always – I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!Guest Links:
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Introduction- 0:00
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USD vs BTC Money Supply in 2020- 4:32
How to predict the next big bitcoin move webinar last reminder- 4:54
Global Cryptocurrency Laws Webinar Reminder- 5:24
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What’s driving the market – Market Monday- 10:28
Goldman Sachs bets against the dollar on ‘blue wave’ prospects and vaccine outlook- 17:00
CTO Larsson Bullish on BTC and ETH- 18:12
Ethereum 2.0 Around the Corner After Successful Zinken Trial- 18:54
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Double Your Money in 6 Months With Unlisted?!

Judd Armstrong from Unlisted claims to have cracked the code with cryptocurrency trading. Trading liquid assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, he talks about the phenomenal results he has achieved and how new users can take the risk to make profits with him by buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.00:00 Intro
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